As Much As Possible As Code

Add Code to Oracle Reports via Forms FormsAPI Master

How to do Mass Changes with in your Oracle Reports with FormsAPI Master

For our migration to Oracle ADF we have to identify, which Forms and Reports modules are still really called. For Forms we already have implemented a call statistic. In this blog post I show you how you can automatically implement the same into over 200 reports.

Our way to 19c - I am a speaker at DOAG 2020

Project report about an Oracle Database Upgrade

Already 4 years we plan the upgrade from 11c to a new supported version. If you speak german and you are interested in some of our experiences, you should come and attend my presentation at DOAG 2020 Wednesday, Nov. 18, 15:00 online.

Citrix Workspace blocks PRNTSCR key

Workaround to re-enable Print Screen key

If you use Citrix Workspace it could be, that you cannot use Print Screen key on your keyboard anymore. See what it is the root cause and how you can workaround this.

Show your Oracle Forms and Reports diffs from Git

See diff for your Forms and Reports modules with tools from ORCL Toolbox and Git difftool wrapper

You have successfully versioned your Oracle Forms & Reports module with git. What if you could see the diff for your module after changes from your working copy or between two commits? See my solution with the tools from ORCL Toolbox and a Git difftool wrapper.

Goodbye Wordpress - Welcome JBake!

Today I wrote my last post on Wordpress. See why I left Wordpress and why I choose JBake instead.

Agile Oracle Database Modeling and Development (AgileOracleDatabase) - I am a speaker at DOAG2019

We try to be agile in developing and merging our features into branches when they are ready for use.

"Regulatorics: Offside is when the referee whistles" - I am a speaker at DOAG2018

Today my presentation is confirmed: "Regulatorics: Offside is when the referee whistles". Maybe the German title will be better understood: "Regulatorik: Abseits ist, wenn der Schiedsrichter pfeift".

DOAG2017 wrap up

Another DOAG is over and here is my summary.

Provide access to WebLogic DMS Spy Servlet for readonly users

For security reasons and to prevent the configuration drift it is recommendable to use read only access of WebLogic configuration for analyzing problems. For read only access of configuration and logs WebLogic provides out of the box the group Monitors. Unfortunately you cannot access DMS Spy Servlet with this group, which is useful for analyse runtime values of the server. Only users which belongs to the Administrators group and therefore have full access can access DMS Spy Servlet and this is not configurable in WebLogic by default.

"PL/SQL: Therefore, whoever binds forever: automate your tests" - I am a speaker at DOAG2017

Today my presentation is confirmed: "Therefore, whoever binds forever: automate your tests". Maybe the German title will be the better understood: "PL/SQL: Drum test-automatisiere, wer sich sich ewig bindet!"

Javaland 2017 wrap up

Yes - I did it again and attend Javaland, conference in Phantasialand Brühl. It was not easy this year to concentrate on the sessions because of the hottest march of the last 100 years. But the quality of the sessions beats the weather. Maybe again my invest in reading the abstracts and filter the sessions before the conference has payed off.