Forms and Reports 12c - Processes and Automation in Development and Operations - I am a speaker at DOAG 2021

Project report about an Oracle Forms and Reports 12c Automation

Posted by Torsten Kleiber on November 17, 2021 Tags: Conferences DOAG Forms Migration Oracle Reports
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The current target architecture of IKB’s credit and loan management is based on Oracle ADF and SOA and of course the database. But how can you protect in this time your Oracle Forms & Reports longtime investments, can you support their Development Lifecycle by Automation?

Many supporting technologies from the Java environment, such as branching models, automated build and deploy procedures or code review were established with the Oracle technologies and in the course of the regulatory process.

But there is still a large part of the Oracle Forms & Reports that have grown over 25 years and have not yet been replaced. Actually, we hoped that we would no longer need a version higher than 11g. Forms & Reports had been running very stably for years. A bug brought the migration to 12c back into focus to further run supported versions. The regulatory environment did the rest to revise the current processes and, where possible, to automate them.

So how do supporting technologies and automation fit in here?

I will show you a selection of these processes from IKB’s development and operations life cycle:

  • Installation of application server

  • Regular patching

  • Packaging of the local development environment

  • Requirements documentation

  • Branching

  • Development

  • Code Review

  • Merge

  • Deployment

  • Traceability for Regulatory Purposes

The following tools are used, among others

  • Jenkins

  • Scripting with Bash and Powershell

  • Git

  • Bitbucket

  • JIRA

  • FormsAPI Master

If you speak german and you are interested in some of this, you should come and attend DOAG 2021.