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Use AsciiDoc Templates for your Architecture Decisions with Java Based ADR-J Tool

Create AsciiDoc Templates for ADR's and use them in your Project on all Platforms

In my blog Use adr-tools for AsciiDoc I have described, how to change the tool to write my Architecture Decision Records in AsciiDoc. But there are a lot of drawbacks with this approach, e.g. some of the features like linking and superceding decisions does not work. ADR Tool is based on shell scripts, so you have to provide and know a *nix emulation on windows. In the meantime I found Java base ADR-J Tool and will show you here if this works better for my purposes.

Use adr-tools for AsciiDoc

Use Custom Template for Architecture Decision Records

I looked for a tool to create Architecture Decision Records in AsciiDoc and does not find any. So first I thought, I would have to (re)implement one. But look, how easy it really was.