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Jenkins Configuration as Code (JCasC)

Build your reproducable local Jenkins Instance

In most of my environments I reach in short time the requirement to have some kind of automation server. How cool would it be, to start this server as part of my local Virtual Development Server? And what if the result will be usable for a lot of other use cases too?

Test Environment for Migration with Liquibase against Oracle XE

Virtual Environment based on Docker Compose, running in Windows Docker Desktop

For extensive testing of Database Migration I need an environment with Liquibase and an Oracle Database. So I have built this Virtual Development Environment which can be started, stopped, removed and rebuilt in seconds.

Run your Development Server on Docker Desktop on Windows

Start with the easiest case

In my series about Modern Infrastructure for your Virtual Development Server I will now start with the easiest case for me. I will run a Server on a Docker Desktop on Windows. As I need CI for all of my projects I will use Jenkins as example for this. See how this works.

Virtual Development Server: Modern Infrastructure

Create the Foundation for easy Development

After my 2016 series about my Virtual Development Server I have learned a lot. It’s time for a major overhaul with new technologies. It should be a lot more flexible and usable for development and course environments. See how I will restart!