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DOAG2017 wrap up

Another DOAG is over and here is my summary.

Javaland 2017 wrap up

Yes - I did it again and attend Javaland, conference in Phantasialand Brühl. It was not easy this year to concentrate on the sessions because of the hottest march of the last 100 years. But the quality of the sessions beats the weather. Maybe again my invest in reading the abstracts and filter the sessions before the conference has payed off.

DEVCAMP17 wrap up

Yesterday I attend the annual barcamp DEVCAMP of the DOAG development community. There are mostly developers with SQL, PL/SQL, Forms & Reports, ADF, JET background and some Java, Javascript and APEX developers too. And not to forget: 1 dba and some managers. Here is my summary.

DOAG2016 wrap up

Another DOAG is over and here is my summary.

Javaland 2016 conference day 2

This was my second day on Javaland 2016.

Javaland 2016 conference day 1

This year I have decided to give the Javaland conference a try. I’m not a java professional, but in the program was listed a lot of interesting testing presentations, so my company booked for me.

Oracle Forms 11 running as application in Java Webstart

According to my last post today I will show you the basic configuration for forms 11g. Unfortunately webstart in forms 11g it is not as easy as in 10g, but it works too!

Oracle Forms 10 running as application in Java Webstart

Many people miss in webforms the possibility to run forms as a separate application. They have a lot of problems to handle browser back button an so on. The good news - there is a way to do this with Java Webstart. The bad news - it is not supported by Oracle. But we run this since four years now and is very stable.