Oracle TranslationHub neither supported for 12c Database, 12c Forms/Reports or 64 bit!

Posted by Torsten Kleiber on March 16, 2016 Tags: Oracle Forms Reports TranslationHub 32bit 64bit

If you need TranslationHub (Windows only) for your forms and reports development please immediately stop if you plan to move to one of the these

  • 12c Database for your TranslationHub repository

  • 12c Forms/Reports (only available for 64 bit Windows)

  • higher version of 64 bit 11g Forms/Reports

None of this combination works with TranslationHub!

For the last point I had created enhancement request 14155931 back in June 2012!

For the first point I had created a service request last week I and get following answer:

Unfortunately, OTH is no longer supported or being developed. Customers can continue to use OTH as-is.

About the errors, based on today’s standards, OTH has several limitations:

  • It is a 32bit product and expects to co-exist with a 32bit DB and optional Forms/Reports installation. 64bit installations will not work.

  • Likely OTH will not work correctly on newer operating systems like Windows 8.1 or newer. It likely will also not be stable on Windows 7-x64 either, although it may generally seem to function.

  • It may be possible to use a version 12 database as the target database for OTH projects, however this has never been certified and therefore shouldn’t be supported if issues arise.

Although Oracle currently do not have replacement for OTH, the Forms team is working on a possible alternative that may be available in the future. If customers require the use of OTH immediately, they should consider installing and using it in an environment that was previously certified for its use.

The Oracle Technology Network Forums should be considered (for the customer) if there are questions about OTH.


Product Management is aware of the importance of this situation.

Any news regarding OTH will be published on Forms’s OTN page, however, for the moment, unfortunately, there is not much we can help with, in Support.

As 11g Database and 11g Forms will run out of support soon in my opinion Oracle has immediately to provide a working 64bit TranslationHub for 12c Database and Forms as long you has no replacement for this tool.

What do you think?

Update: See the according discussion on the forms forum.