Agile Oracle Database Modeling and Development (AgileOracleDatabase) - I am a speaker at DOAG2019

How to do Agile Oracle Database Modeling and Development

Posted by Torsten Kleiber on November 18, 2019 / updated on November 17, 2021 Tags: Conferences Database Deploy DOAG Git Jenkins Liquibase Database-Modelling Oracle PLSQL utPLSQL
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We try to be agile in developing and merging our features into branches when they are ready for use.

Test Driven Development is on everyone’s lips with Java and other languages.

Whether we develop ADF or JET or Spring, we try to apply these techniques in many places.

But what is the real basis of most of our applications? This is the Oracle database with its data model and programming language PL/SQL!

Again and again we hear that merging data model scripts and PL/SQL programs is not practicable.

But how are we supposed to develop our frontend according to these techniques, if we don’t start with it in the backend?

In the lecture and the demo’s I will show you how you can further develop your data model and your programs in the database agile and test driven from requirement till refactoring.

You can see how tools like Git, Liquibase, utPLSQL and Jenkins work together.

If you speak german and you are interested in some of this, you should come and attend my presentation at DOAG 2019 Nuremberg on Wednesday, Nov. 20, 17:00 in room Istanbul.