Goodbye Wordpress - Welcome JBake!

Posted by Torsten Kleiber on September 04, 2020
Tags: Blogging Wordpress JBake

Today I wrote my last post on Wordpress. See why I left Wordpress and why I choose JBake instead.

I have not blogged since long time - and I want to change this again the future.

What prevented me from doing this was not the writing itself. But most of my posts are very technical with a lot of source code. And lot of this is very fast outdated and have to be updated.

And exactly there is my problem: I have to test my code and than I have to change the blog and the code in my blog.

For some time now I try to follow the doc-as-code approach and as a consequence to use Asciidoc. With this it is possible to write the blog in simple text notation and include the code via simple directives.

So I have searched for a Java based, open source, static site/blog generator and found JBake. Every time I have to make change to source code, a blog entry or the look and feel of my new website, I commit this change and my Jenkins pipeline build and deploy my website - exactly as I try to develop!

Consequently I have created my own website "As Much As Possible As Code". Please follow me for new content there!