ADF Architecture Practice - JDeveloper Silent Install of Extensions

Posted by Torsten Kleiber on November 19, 2014 Tags: Oracle ADF JDeveloper ADF-Architecture Silent-Install Extension

This article describes how to standardize your JDeveloper Installation as requested in Planning & Getting Started - Team, Skills and Development Environments.

It is part of the ADF Architecture Practice Series and describes the installation with examples for windows.

Version 12.1.x

There is a tool ojwebupdate to handle this. It is fully supported but it’s not documented at the moment, documentation is planned for 12.1.4. But you can get a lot of info, if you call:

ojwebupdate /?

The easiest thing is to download your reqired extension from the update centers. The update centers can be updated too, so the best thing is to call "Check for updates" in a manual installation and then look in your JDveloper system directory for a file updatecenters.xml.

Eg. if you want to install the extension "JUnit Integration" for version 12.1.3 in Windows 7 you have to go to the url, which is listed under "Official Oracle Extensions and Updates" by default in file

C:\Users\[Your User]\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\system12.\o.ide\updatecenters.xml

At the moment this is Open this link, follow the link to "JUnit Integration" and download the required version. The right version can be determined by checking the requirement against your JDeveloper version or other extensions, you can find this information in the Help - About dialog. Or easier - you look at version, which version the manual installation would be installed and download this.

Then you can call installation with following batch file:

set oracle_home=C:\Oracle\JDev121300
%oracle_home%\jdeveloper\jdev\bin\ojwebupdate -zips=[Path]\

Extensions can be depending on another extension, you see this in the requirements section of the url or when you try to install a single extension in a fresh manual installation. In this case you have to install the extensions in the right order.

Version 11.1.1.x

The downloading of the file is similar to above, for version you should download "JUnit Integration" extension at the moment from

You can simply unzip the extensions into your installation. The target depends from the extension itself. Therefore open the zip file and look into the META-INF\bundle.xml file. If there is a tag , then this is the target. If this tag does not exist, the default target is %oracle_home%\jdeveloper\jdev\extensions.

The following batch will install "JUnit Integration" and "JUnit Integration for JDBC" extensions in the right order (as the second requires the first) in JDeveloper

set oracle_home=C:\Oracle\JDev111170
unzip -o -q junit_bundle -d %oracle_home%\jdeveloper
unzip -o -q -d %oracle_home%\jdeveloper\jdev\extensions
rem housekeeping
rmdir /S /Q %oracle_home%\jdeveloper\META-INF
rmdir /S /Q %oracle_home%\jdeveloper\jdev\extensions\META-INF

That’s it!